Piano Installation Services London

Room-specific Piano Installation

At WE MOVE IT FOR YOU, we know how important a piano can be, not just musically, but aesthetically. Our installation team are experienced in piano installation across London – from high-end pianos to more affordable instruments – and we know just where to place a piano to get the most out of it. However, we’ll also take the time to ensure that the acoustics within your room suits the placement of the piano, making sure that not only will your piano look excellent in the space, it’ll sound just as good as it can.

Our Careful Professionals

Our professional team have worked on all types of pianos, and as piano movers, we also know how delicate sound quality can be when it comes to installation. We use the most up-to-date approach to piano installation and make sure that there’s extremely mitigated risk when we move a piano into a new room. Whatever the job, be it in a ground floor space or not, we’ll work with extreme care to ensure that your piano is as safe and secure as it can be throughout the whole process.

Sound Quality Guaranteed

We’re not just piano movers and installers, we’re huge piano enthusiasts. As part of our installation process, we can also perform piano tuning to ensure that your piano sounds perfect within the new space. We guarantee that wherever your piano is, it’ll sound excellent and you won’t want to wait before playing.

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Get in touch with our team if you’ve bought a new piano in London and need an installation, or if you’re moving house and need to take your piano with you. Call 07805391313 or email wemoveitforyou@gmail.com today, and we can start the process of installing your piano as soon as possible.